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  • Consensus MLB Draft Board Version 3.0

    Jamie Cameron

    Day one of the 2023 MLB Draft is upon us. I’m excited to share the final version of the Consensus Draft Board. You can access the Consensus Draft Board directly by clicking the link in the main article.

    Image courtesy of Brock Beauchamp

    Brewers Video

    TD.BF.NSBB 2023 Consensus MLB Draft Board V3 Final

    In the google sheet, you’ll find players ranked 1 through 311. For each prospect, you’ll find basic information; position, age, rank, school, height, weight, B/T and space where I’ll add where they were selected. In the final ‘writeup’ column, you’ll find notes on each of the first 100 or so prospects highlighting tools, strengths, opportunities, and recent performance. 

    In the top 50 of the Consensus Board, you’ll find the following color coding (there was too much variance beyond the top 50 to make continuing to track movements up and down worthwhile):
    Light green - player moved up 5-9 spots since last Consensus Board
    Dark green - player moved up 10+ spots since last Consensus Board
    Light red - player moved down 5-9 spots since last Consensus Board
    Dark red - player moved down 10+ spots since last Consensus Board

    Following the draft, I’ll do some postmortem on how useful this tool was compared to other boards. For now, I hope people find it a useful resource to find notes and valuable insights into players drafted, starting Sunday.

    Lastly, I’ll say that if you appreciate this resource, I’d be really grateful if people share it, link it, tweet it out etc. This is year two of this project and after a promising 2022 version, the 2023 version started in February. It started as a top 30 in winter, and has grown to what I believe to be the first Consensus Board for the MLB Draft. It’s the sum of months of work and over 30,000 words, so anything folks can do to share it is greatly appreciated.

    Happy Draft weekend, y’all.

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