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  • Brewers Draft Class 2022 Update

    Jeremy Nygaard

    Though we're over a week removed from the draft and less than a week from the signing deadline, the Brewers have been relatively quiet in terms of getting the bulk of their class wrapped up.

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    Obviously getting first-round pick Eric Brown signed was the first and biggest domino. He agreed to an under slot deal which opened up opportunities for the Brewers.

    There have been a handful of other deals over the last week, too. Most of them helped save money against the bonus pool (and none actually dipped into the bonus pool). 

    Earlier Wednesday, we found out why the Brewers were banking all of this money...

    To sign second-round pick Jacob Misiorowski.

    Not only did the Brewers go over slot, they paid him more ($2.35m) than they paid Brown. As a result of that - as you can see in the table below - the Brewers will either need to shave off nearly $300,000 from the slots of their unsigned picks or go right up to the 105% of the pool that they're allowed to spend. 

    Additionally, this also limits the flexibility they're going to have to offer larger bonuses to some of their Day 3 picks. Aside from Brady Neal announcing that he was not signing and honoring his commitment to LSU, there hasn't been any public declarations to my knowledge. There have been rumblings that switch-pitcher Jurrangelo Cijntje intends to do the same, but nothing directly from the Mississippi State commit. 

    We'll drop another update after the signing deadline passes (though that doesn't apply to college seniors or players who enroll in junior college) as well as keep tabs on the class's progress periodically.

    As always, you can more player-specific information in the Brewer Fanatic Draft Tracker

      MILWAUKEE BREWERS $7,645  
      Player Round Slot Bonus -$297,600  
      Eric Brown Jr., SS, Coastal Carolina 1 $2,701,900 $2,050,000 $651,900  
      Jacob Misiorowski, RHP, Crowder JC 2 $1,131,500 $2,350,000 -$1,218,500  
      Robert Moore, SS, Arkansas CB $915,300 $800,000 $115,300  
      Dylan O'Rae, SS, NCI (Ontario) 3 $600,700 $597,500 $3,200  
      Matthew Wood, C, Penn State 4 $448,400 $347,500 $100,900  
      Will Rudy, RHP, Cal Poly Ponoma 5 $334,500 Agreed    
      Tyler Woessner, RHP, C. Ari. JC 6 $259,700      
      Ben Metzinger, 3B, Louisville 7 $204,500      
      Nate Peterson, LHP, Ill-Chicago 8 $171,100      
      Tayden Hall, C, SCF-M/S 9 $157,500 $157,500 $0  
      Brian Fitzpatrick, LHP, Rutgers 10 $149,600 $100,000 $49,600  
      Cameron Wagoner, RHP, E. Mich 11 -      
      Luke Adams, 3B, Hinsdale HS 12 -      
      Zane Petty, RHP, Corsicana HS 13 -      
      Aidan Maldonado, RHP, Minnesota 14 -      
      Satchell Norman, C, FSWS JC 15 - $125,000    
      Ethan Lege, 3B, Delgado JC 16 -      
      Brady Neal, C, IMG Academy 17 - intends to go to LSU  
      Jurrangelo Cijntje, SWP, HS 18 -      
      Jaden Noot, RHP, Sierra Canyon HS 19 -      
      Noah Hall, RHP, South Carolina 20 -      

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