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  • What If Juan Nieves and Bill Schroeder Were Mic’d Up?

    Sean Franken

    The 2022 MLB All Star game had several players mic’d including Yankee teammates and battery mates Nestor Cortes and Jose Trevino. That got me thinking. What if Juan Nieves and Bill Schroeder were mic’d up during Nieves’ no-hitter back in 1987?

    Brewers Video

    BS: “Juan, I get the sense something magical is going to happen tonight, something so big that if I ever become an announcer, I’ll talk about it all the time.”
    JN: “Bill you say that before every game. Can you go over the scouting report for their lead off guy, Ken Gerhart?”
    BS: “Yeah the scouting report is that he’s no Rickey Henderson.”

    2nd Inning
    BS: “Just wanted to come talk and get our signs straight.”
    JN: “What was that song you were singing on the way out here?”
    BS: “It’s that new duet from Aretha Franklin and George Michael. I think it’s called “I Knew You Were Waiting” I can’t get it out of my head.
    JN: “Haven’t heard that one. Michael’s a flash in the pan. That other guy from Wham! Is going to be a superstar.”

    3rd Inning
    BS: “Can you believe that play from Paciorek? I’m telling you, something magical is happening tonight.”
    JN: “Hell of a play. Honestly before that play I didn’t even know that dude’s name.”

    5th Inning
    BS: “Sometimes, when I’m alone with my thoughts, I find myself really missing Paul Householder.”
    JN: “I find myself thinking of ALF. Ever watch that show? Funny stuff.”

    7th Inning
    BS: “Something magical is happening. I can’t mention the thing that’s happening right now, because I don’t want to jinx it. If I ever become an announcer, I can mention the thing that I can’t mention now all of the time.”
    JN: “I still can’t believe Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania 3.”

    9th Inning
    JN: “Hell of a play by Yount! I can’t believe it!”
    BS: “Neither can I! I told you something magical would happen. I just caught the first and only no-hitter in Brewers history! I couldn’t have done it without you Juan!”

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