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Leader of the Brewers: Braun or Prince


For the past year, Prince has been the unquestioned leader of the Brewers. While it is difficult to say from the outside looking in, especially with how poor Prince is during an interview, every media member raved about his "presence" in the clubhouse. I had heard 100% that he is the leader of the Brewers.


However, in the past few weeks Braun really seems to be taking over as the "leader".


1. A few weeks back Braun had his "I'm sick of saying it's early" quote about how the Brewers need to get going.


2. Braun's talent certainly seems to be equal to that of Prince.


3. Braun just signed a contract to remain a Brewer until 2015. Prince has shown no inclination to do so.


4. After today's loss Braun again had many choice quotes...

"We were competing; I know everybody tried hard. But it's not about trying hard. You've got to expect to win. I almost feel like we never really expected to win any of these games."


"I feel like we're there at times but we need to come with that approach every day. No matter who we're playing against, no matter who's throwing against us, and expect to win. . . . We're too talented to approach the game any other way."


Maybe I am overracting, but Braun certainly seems to be taking a more prominent role. I wonder if the chemistry in the locker room has changed at all. He has certainly been vocal. Is he out of line? Or is he stepping up?

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