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Forming Tournament Team; 1st Stop Next Weekend



So I'm officially forming a tournament team, however Jamie and Brian are unable to commit to sponsoring the team at this time as they have a lot of ventures on their plate and that's ok. I would like to open it up to between the two cities and have an excellent core of guys.

The first tournament I am looking at happens to be next weekend (June 28 / 29) in Helenville. It's a Rec / "E" Class tournament that I think we could compete very well at. Money's not an issue, but if you can help me out, then help me out, but don't not put your name in the ring if it is a financial issue. Helenville is half way between Milwaukee and Madison and that is okay.

I seen that an Ioxonia, forgive the spelling, outing is also being planned and I would love to add that tournament to this team as well. Unless of course that is something that you are only doing for the Madison guys, that's ok too.

If you are interested in joining this team, please PM me ASAP with a jersey size and number preference. Also let me know if you are in for Helenville given the shorter notice. Even if you can't do next weekend, but are interested, also let me know that. The sponsor will be my side business, Custom Athletics.

While I'll initially say that participation the team is open, please understand that I am looking for guys that are committed to playing ball two weekends a month. I understand things come up, funerals, sick kids, etc. However, forming a cohesive unit on defense is vital to a softball team. Having the starting/regular 3b not make it due to needing to mow the lawn and drink beers doesn't sit well with me. I coach the way I play and that is with hustle all over the field and trying to limit mental mistakes.With winning comes fun and vice versa. I run a first class team from jerseys to lineup board, webpage, stats, etc and have played for 11 years and coached for 4. So, in short, I think we'll have a lot of talent to draw from the three teams. If you lack on the talent side a bit, but are baseball smart and commited to playing ball, I want you also.

I'll be forming a website tomorrow with the team information, as I dont want to clog up these boards given the decision from Brian/Jamie not to be involved with a tournament team at this time.


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