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Baldelli AND Kazmir

Since there is talks about Baldelli already, and for the sake of boredom, what do you think would it take to get both these guys? Im sure the Rays have no interest in getting rid of Kazmir, but if we could make a deal they couldn't turn down what would it be?


Same deal for Baldelli plus Weeks and Jenkins is that too little?

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Look at it from the reverse. How many hitters out there would you trade sheets for? or gallardo? There isnt ahitter on this team I wouldnt trade for Kazmir. Weeks? ok Hall? sure Fielder? What the Heck. Like what was said, young pitching that good isnt that easy to come by. Besides, If they wanted to deal young pitching for young hitting, we wouldnt be seeing all the baldelli and crawford rumors that we are. Id imagine(purely from a speculation point) it would take weeks, hall, and inmann(maybe even gallardo instead) just to land kazmir. Just like we say it would take wright, a young arm, and prolly Milledge for the mets to get sheets. Kazmir is even more unlikely to be a brewer than manny is.


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