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Would you make this deal?


Would you make this deal? Is it a fair deal? Why or why not?


Hall (can replace Anderson in LF when Wood is ready)


Mench (platoon DH & 4-5OF)



to the Angels for:



Rivera (~28 & same service time as Hall)


If the Angels are supposedly about to trade Figgins & Santana for Garcia & Crede, this could interest them.


Would your feelings change if these trades preceded it?


1- Clark, Turnbow, & (Dillard or Hurricane) to the Rockies for Jennings. Jennings was rumored to go to Houston for Lidge & Burke. This package is on par.


2- Jenkins, Sarfate, & $2M to the Giants for Hennessey & Taschner. The Giants need OFs, with or without Roberts.


3- Jennings, Hennessey, & (Jackson/Hammond/Parra) to the Devil Rays for Crawford. Alot to pay but worth it.


Is it worth giving up 3-4 pitching prospects (not Gallardo or Inman) to make these types of deals? I tried to overvalue the other teams players to help relieve my Brewer goggles.


I think it'd be one heck of a team, and affordable too.

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