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Humberto Sanchez

Now that the Yanks have another minor league starting arm (that they will probably never trust) what could the Crew offer to get him? Would they want someone like Wise? Their pen could use more...
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If you ask yankee fans im sure the trade will be melky cabrera and humberto sanchez for ben sheets. all kidding aside, we need to be careful to not be on the other spectrum of this. the yankees had the oppotunity to get better last year, but chose to keep phillip hughes. They may have wisened up that having a few minor league arms around for when the 15-20million dollar train wrecks blow out their arms. I doubt the yankees will be to quick to flip sanchez to another team. In the interest of fairness however, the question is what would it take? probably something like dave bush for sanchez and a minor league hitter. I cant see the crew making this kind of deal.


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