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Minor League Middle INF


It looks like we are pretty stocked at Middle IF going forward. Some seem like locks at some point in the bigs (Perez) some not so much (Crabbe) Id be curious to see how others see these guys and if theyll have impact in the show:


Perez, Crabbe, Barnwell, Iberrian, Ochavez, Sollman, Escobar

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Barnwell has peaked...i don't think he'll see Milwaukee again, though he might catch on to someone elses bench later..


irribarren has a lot of potential with the stick---i'd say he'll start in the bigs for at least a couple of years, though it might not be with the brewers.


Crabbe could get a cup of coffee someday...he has skills, but he'll never make an impact in the bigs...he should play AAA for a few years


Sollman is old for his league, but a good hitter...i would think he'll get a chance...he could be anywhere from dan uggla (the best you could dream of for sollman) to mike coolbaugh..


Ozzie Chavez is depth...if he can bat .240, he'll make a bench one day, but he's no starter...and i doubt he gets to play in milwaukee without a lot of injuries


Alcides is all glove no stick. he's still really young, but last year was unfathomably bad

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