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Mike Goetz, 25th round pick in 2006


What can you guys tell me about this guy?


Mike Goetz

U Wisconsin Milwaukee







I'm interested because he went to the same high school as me (Franklin) and also went to UW-Milwaukee, where he led the nation in batting average. Looks like he showed great plate disipline after being drafted.


29 walks vs. 17 SO in 180 abs for the Arizona Brewers in 06.

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Goetz turned 22 last July, so he was among the older Arizona League players. He got off to a surprisingly slow start, and had to finish strong to end at .289. The 17 K's in 180 AB's certainly defines his ability to get a bat on the ball, but only six of his 52 hits were for extra bases. He turned a lot of those singles into an extra base (31 steals in 40 attempts).


It's a nice story because of the national batting titles and local ties, but college draft picks who don't see Helena their first year are behind the eight-ball to begin with. If he were 20 years old with those numbers, he'd be more exciting a prospect.


Of course, here's wishing him well.

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