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6/2/07 Non-Brewer games

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I took in the Reds-Rockies game at Coors Field tonight. I was impressed with Coors Field, it was a nice place to see a game. I haven't been to a lot of different stadiums, but I never hear it mentioned as one of the best. The ushers were very nice too- they let us uprade our seats into the shade because my wife was getting sunburned. The attendance didn't seem that great- over 30,000 announced, but didn't seem like it, many were late and didn't seem that into the game, despite a Rockies win.


It was a decent game to watch, well-pitched especially by Jeff Francis. Not a guy I'd heard a lot about, but I was impressed. He seemed to throw very few fastballs, but I thought he kept hitters off-balance by changing speed very well. He had Griffey and Dunn fooled most of the night.


Another thing I noticed is how the infield grass slows down groundballs. I guess that one way they can help the pitchers out at Coors is to keep the infield grass long. I thought it was quite noticable.

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