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9 pack exchange question...


I'm not too sure if there's anything I can really do about this, it may be too late. Friday was the first night my girlfriend and I sat in our 9 game pack (we didn't get em before opening day was still part of it), and our tickets are pretty obstructed by the railing. They're in 426, which is where my tickets were last year, but we were moved down the row to the isle. I told the lady I wanted the same seats, or at least section I had last year. She said these were available, and while I knew the area where we were gonna be sitting, my girlfriend didn't and we asked to see our section. That day the lady couldn't bring us up there, but offered to take us up there a few days later if we wanted to come back. We declined, because I knew where they were and you can find views online. The biggest thing is that she didn't mention anything about them being obstructed.


On Friday we ended up moving to a spot where we could see, but I don't want to do that every game especially since most Friday games are gonna be near or will be sell outs, and come playoff time, I'd like to be able to see home plate clearly, without a big railing in my way. Do you think it's too late to do anything about this? I'm more bummed out for my girlfriend who was excited to get 9 packs with me and wants to learn the game (she's even learning to keep score!), but I don't want bad seats all season to ruin her experiences either. Any suggestions?

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Contact the Brewers and ask if the location can be tweaked for at least some of your games. You knew the section but didn't realize the railing would interfere until you were at your first game. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


You might want to ponder in advance what kind of tweak would solve your problem. Would you prefer different seats in 426, or would a different section be OK if you could avoid the railing? Then if the Brewers do present you with choices, you might feel more prepared. They're still hawking fan's choice 20 packs, so it's not like everything's sold out; that said, I don't know how rigid they are about seats being reserved for 20 pack customers vs. 9 pack, etc.


Also, since you're thinking positively...come playoff time, most season ticket customers would be seated somewhere else (and probably 'worse') than their season ticket seats. Not to bum you out, just to prepare you. We saw evidence of this last season, when playoff tickets were printed and distributed - so people knew where they would have sat. (Being a nerd, I even took pictures of our 'would have been' seats.)


Anyway - good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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