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Legend of Mickey Tussler

Got this in the inbox today... sounds interesting --BtA:






"A compelling tale that will touch the hearts of fans of the game

everywhere." -Fergie Jenkins, Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame Pitcher


"A story with something for everyone. THE LEGEND OF MICKEY TUSSLER is a walk off homerun." -Larry Izzo, New York Mets Scout


"A powerful baseball story, certain to rank among the best ever written." -Don Williams, retired sports columnist, Newark Star Ledger

"Riveting. Rewarding. THE LEGEND OF MICKEY TUSSLER reaches the heart the way Alex Rodriguez reaches the bleachers."

- Bill Madden, New York Daily News


"Not just a baseball masterpiece, but a clever, delightful, touching tale that is a triumph of imagination and empathy. THE LEGEND OF MICKEY TUSSLER is Roy Hobbs meets The Rain Man."

--Father Tom Hartman, Good Morning America's God Squad


" The baseball elements really sing; baseball fans will find much to appreciate, while the sports treatment of triumphing over adversity adds crossover appeal to the YA market." --Publishers Weekly



The Legend Of Mickey Tussler


An utterly heartbreaking and moving baseball novel that is being celebrated as THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME meets THE NATURAL.


The Legend of Mickey Tussler

"In my work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America I see all kinds of challenges facing kids today, and this book does a very good job of treating gifted kids and teenagers with sensitivity and understanding in coping with and meeting these challenges." --Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees


Seventeen-year-old Mickey Tussler is recruited to play for a minor league affiliate of the Boston Braves in the 1940s. Arthur Murphy, a scout and coach for the minor league Milwaukee Brewers, swears that Mickey is a phenom- one who has the greatest arm Murph has ever seen, that anybody has ever seen. And it might be true. But Mickey is also autistic, before autism was given a name, and his Aspergers keeps him sealed off from a world he scarcely understands. But Arthur wants to take the chance. The minor league Brewers have had one of the worst records in baseball history, and he needs to do something to shake the team up. But can Mickey survive? Tormented by the memories of an abusive father and heckled by fans and teammates alike, the odds are stacked against him. But his inimitable talent -- one of the most gifted arms in the history of baseball - just might give him a chance. Can he survive a real life dream? Or are the harsh realities of life too much for him? This is the powerful underdog story of how a young man with an extraordinary gift comes of age in a harsh and competitive world that may not be ready for him.



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