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why not Lastings Milledge?


Why don't we try to make a move for Lastings Milledge?


... and after reading the Baldelli trade idea. if we are dealing with TB, there are quite a few players in the upper minors who I think could be had for not too high a price: Elijah Dukes (I've heard some people say he was a bad influence on Delmon Young so I'm sure they'll be willing to trade), Wes Bankston, Reid Brignac, etc. School me.


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Dukes and Milledge have both been labelled problem's and cancer in the clubhouse.


Both amazing talents but not at the stage yet where you can take a chance on them and sit them down the first day laying out the ground rules with a one strike your out rule. They'd just bark back now. Besides if they are as cancerous as they say they are you can likely get them both for nothing in 2-3 years tops.

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