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What will the Dodgers do with Loney?

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Having worked around Loney in the AFL, I can tell you that he's not a good teammate. He's kind of an ass. It's all about him. He's got quick hands, and a stance that's somewhat reminiscent of Bonds. He's very athletic and quick, but last year only played 1 AFL game at a spot in the Outfield, despite sharing 1b and DH with Wes Bankston and Daric Barton.


Loney can hit. He's likely just a little immature and young. I don't view him as an OF though. I'd much rather have Andre Ethier

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Dodgers are not sure what spot Nomar is playing. There is talk of 3B, OF , or 1B.


I read an article last week that stated they just might keep Kent at 2B as it would keep more sticks in the lineup. Makes sense as they have no big bopper in the lineup after signing Pierra to play CF.



I don't see the Brewers going after Loney, he doesn't really fit a need for us, unless we could move him to LF. I'm not sure he would be an upgrade for us.

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