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Marcus Thames

The Tigers are reportedly listening to offers for Thames.


Now here's a guy who hit 26 HR in less than 350 AB playing half his games in Comerica. Yes, he slumped the last month of the season, but we're are basically looking at a guy with big time power not dissimilar to Hall, except that he's more of a dead pull hitter. Now if, I'm the Astros, I'm all over this guy as he could hit 50 playing with that short porch down in Houston.


Now his lefty/righty splits aren't all that different so he's not the ideal platoon guy, but splitting time in LF with Gross, I think the Brewers would end up with 35-40 HR from that spot without having to move Hall out of the infield.


The overly righthanded Tigers could probably use Jenkins to platoon in LF with Monroe.

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I don't see them having interest in Jenkins unless they trade a couple outfielders.


Now they have Thames, Ordonez, Monroe, Granderson and Sheffield. Giving them Jenkins for Thames doesn't really solve anything for them except a left handed bat.


And Thames was bad for about 3 months.




.304/.377/.646/1.023/16 HR's/32 RBI's/18 BB's/43 K's in 181 AB's




.204/.293/.443/.736/10 HR's/28 RBI's/19 BB's/49 K's in 167 AB's

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"And Thames was bad for about 3 months"


Oh no he wasn't trwi7. He was bad in July and September.


In between in August, he slugged .652 and posted a .966 OPS.


So he runs hot and cold, he still posted a very decent .882 OPS for the year.


The only lefthanded bats the Tigers have are Granderson and Casey. Monroe is a nice player but Jenkins could be an upgrade for them in LF.


Sheffield's acquistion means they have no place for Thames. They would have much more use for a lefthanded stick like Jenks as against righthanders, he's better than Monroe.

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Oh no he wasn't trwi7. He was bad in July and September.


So I saw his .239 batting average in August and naturally assumed. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/laugh.gif


I wouldn't be opposed to Thames but he's still cheap and we'd probably have to offer a little more than Jenkins to get him.


He also strikes out a lot so he's basically a cheaper Jenkins batting right handed.

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My whole point about bringing up Thames is that I believe he's better and cheaper than Kevin Mench.


He's really never been a regular day in and day out player, but even with slumps and K's, he's hit 43 HR in 620 AB's over the last 3 seasons. That's nearly an Adam Dunn type ratio of one home run every 14.4 AB's. those guys don't grow on trees.


I would have Thames and Gross split time (not a pure platoon) and that combo would produce a lot of pop.


Again, we could argue that he's worth more than Jenkins, but once the Tigers got Sheffield, his value took a dive because teams know they want to deal him.

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