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Badgers Football Audio Clips


I'm trying to put together a "mix cd" of sorts of UW Football related tracks for a friend's mom. I have many of the UW band songs and Jump Around, but I'm not sure what else to add. She's a little older, so I don't know how into the rap songs they play at games she would be, but if I can find some decent edited versions, I'll throw them on there. Can you think of any other popular songs they play at all Badgers football games?


Also, if possible, I'd like to include radio broadcast clips from games in 2005 and 2006, or highlight versions, does anyone know where I can download some? I tried UWbadgers.com and JS Online, but they mostly just had press conferences, and nothing I could download, just for streaming. Anyone know of a good place to check or have some Lepay clips they could send over?



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For the rest of my life everytime I hear Swingtown, I will think of Section O. When I was in High School my teacher would always say that during this song the students were discussing their grades.
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