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I don't understand NBA trades


SuperSonics acquired forward Kurt Thomas and first-round draft choices in 2008 and 2010 from the Suns for a conditional second-round draft choice in 2009.


What team with cap room wouldn't make this trade? Thomas has only 1 year remaining, so it's not even that big of a commitment. Why wouldn't the Bucks do this? Or anyone? I guess I don't really understand how the luxery tax/salary cap/conditional picks really work in the NBA. Can anyone make this make sense to me?

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The Suns have a nucleus and needed cap room. Their 1st round picks will be between 20 and 30...calling them 1st round picks are almost incorrect...they gave one away this year, for cash.


I think any team would have made that trade, but maybe PHO was talking to SEA about him before, and it expanded.

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The Suns owner always seems to be quite cheap...errr... wait.... frugal... uhm... fiscally responsable.


From what i have seen online over the past few year the owner has made it clear that he will do whatever possible to not exceed the NBA Luxury Tax thereshold. Giving up next years #1 pick for the Suns is nothing because it is going to be a late pick, plus they still have the Hawks pick coming, plus they drafted Tiago Splitter (i love the move) who won't be leaving Argentina this year.


Also the other pick, who really cares about a draft 3 years from now.


The Sun's really are, IMHO, a brilliant organization.They have a pretty stacked roster and they managed to get plenty of draft picks that allowed them to get rid of a couple to get back on budget, and still be sitting pretty for the future.




I am absolutely in love with the Tiago Splitter pick, I doubt he ever is a Sun, but I think they just drafted him and plan on using him as a trade piece at the deadline, or offseason.


My gushing over the Suns is not to say that they Supersonics did'n't get a great deal, just that the Suns do EVERYTHING right.

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