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Dynasty Football League


i'm currently looking for people who would be interested in a sim football league, run on Madden 08. It'll be just like playing Madden, but you will record your roster, post trades, etc. in a forum. It should be very fun, and easy to understand. We might do an exhibition first season, run on Madden 07, just so people who don't have experience in Sim leagues can get used to the format. So if you're interested, reply here, and post what team you'd like, or if you have any questions, e-mail me at lanceleque@yahoo.com or talk to me on AIM -- lancelot2157. Here is a list of the teams taken/available, and the owner's AIM...


Patriots - ftball stah 129

Jets - italyzboy7

Bills - trevrb 3

Dolphins -


Ravens -

Bengals -

Steelers -

Browns -


Colts -

Jaguars -

Texans -

Titans - WiscBadgerFan35


Chargers - Rom0916

Broncos -

Chiefs - karchy2006

Raiders -


Eagles -

Cowboys - Goalieknockout

Giants -

Redskins -


Packers - lancelot2157

Bears - cubswin12soriano

Vikings -

Lions -


Saints - bulldogg431

Panthers -

Falcons -

Buccaneers -


Seahawks - punkrots

Rams -

49ers -

Cardinals -

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