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A good FireWire audio interface

And That

Hey guys, I am building a little home recording studio. I've already bought a Mac, so that decision is what it is, but does anyone here have any suggestions for an audio interface?


I've had a number of people recommend a Presonus Firebox, but it doesn't have any ADAT outs, and it has few ports altogether. Is it worth spending $100-$200 more for something that has more MIDI ports and an ADAT?


Basically, for those of you that record at home outside of a Tascam 424, do the amount of MIDI ports really matter in real world experience? I know you can daisy chain MIDI controllers to the end of the world, but I'm more about separation of each device. And do I need an ADAT?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


FWIW, I will need at least two mic preamp ins, two MIDI ins, and I'm planning on using Logic as my sequencer.

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