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Guys (and Girls),


Can you help to give me the low-down on autograph Fridays. My wife and son (5-month old) are heading to Milwaukee next Thursday and will be at the Giants game on Friday. Dad will be on a business trip to Hawaii....and I know this sounds weird, but I am actually a little jealous of them. Mom wants to bring a Brewer onesey to the game and have the players autograph it so we can frame it. What time do they typically start the autograph session? Is it in the stadium? Do they publish who will be signing that Friday, ahead of time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Here's the link that tells who is signing when-




It's from 5:45-6:05. The players are scattered throughout the stadium. You line up in the aisle and they're sitting on the field along the edge. If you want to get a bunch of players this isn't the way to go. You might get two or three of the lesser known players/coaches, but for the more popular players the line forms quickly and more people won't get an autograph than will.

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