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Baseball Mogul 2008 Sim League


Hi, we're starting a brand new Baseball Mogul 2008 sim league and we'd like you to join us. The site will differ from many others by offering players a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the world of running a major league baseball team. With one of the worlds most accurate rosters, and tons of features such as the ability to create your own 40 man roster, participate in the Rule V draft, learn how designating players for assignment and options work, and to generally take the world of simulated General manager to another level. We're hoping that you'll join us in this rather unique league. To check us out or sign up, just follow this link http://www.twenty6ix.com/MLFO/viewtopic.php?t=10. Teams available: BOS, TOR, TBD, BAL, DET, CHW, CLE, KCR, OAK, PHI, WSH, CHC, STL, HOU, CIN, PIT, LAD, COL, SDP. Please post what team you want in the gm sign up thread. Also if you join please try and get active gm's sooner we fill faster we start. If you have any questions please contact CoreyEttinger on aim.


Or you can send me a pm.

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