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HD TV Mounting Options?



I will be finishing my basement recroom soon, so now it is finally time to get to the fun part and pick out a HDTV and other audio/stereo components for my new room.


This thread isn't meant for me to find out what TV is best, I am doing my homework on that, but I want to ask the question about mounting options for the HDTV.


Ideally, I had planned on mounting it to the wall, but lately I am starting to rethink it and was thinking of going toward using the standard TV stand that they give you and putting it on a TV Entertainment Center.


Have any of you mounted an HDTV on the wall using the mounting brackets? WIth that said, please tell me your experiences with the following questions:


1). Was it an easy and safe task to mount it on the wall yourself? Is it secure by just mounting it to the wall studs?


2) Is having it professionally mounting to the wall the way to go? Best Buy and American TV wanted anywhere from $200-$300 to just mount the TV and that seems ridiculous. But they will do it right.


3) How about hiding the assorted cables from dangling on the wall as they climb up to the TV? (Anything from your video game console to your DVD player, satellite receiver, etc). Obviously you may change equipment later in life and you don't always want to have to fish these up the wall behind the dry wall (tough access in my basement long story) every time you want to make a change. They did mention to me a wall cable channel that you can run all the cables in a square tube that "looks" better.


4) Lastly, the sales guy I talked to today said to "do it right" is to just get a decent receiver and run a single HDMI cable to the HDTV so that I only have one more cable to fish through the wall permanently and then hook everything up to the receiver (video game console, dvd player, satellite receiver)


Thanks for your assistance in helping me watch the Brew Crew in the beauty of HD win the NL Central title in my new entertainment room!

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