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Hey, I lived in KC From 2002 to last year. I can be a pretty fun place. Right now is the hottest time of the year. Pretty much never below 90. I am 29 right now, so my advice is based on the thoughts of someone in their 20's who likes to go out to laid back places.


In terms of food, I love Jack Stack. Their ribs were good. They have two locations, the Overland Park location is closer to society than the original. Hereford House was also good in terms of steaks. Lots of good mexican places on Southwest Blvd. They all tasted the same to me but were good. The plaza has plenty of options. Many good places to eat. O'Dowds has some good Irish food, mi Cocina, mexican, a good Italina place that I can't remember the name but had a bunch of Italian flags overlooking the fountain.


In terms of bars, the plaza is the place to bee seen. If you go out there were some black clothes. The women are pretty good looking down there. I liked O'Dowds and the roof garden. Go to Westport if you like the college age bar sceen, except most people there are not in college and pretty much @#%$. I liked the Waldo area (75th and Wornall) however, I heard two of the better places there burned down. There is also Bazooka's if you are looking for a lapper. Good times! Send me a message if you have any specific questions.

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Gotta say I found K.C. to be very boring when I was there for a couple of days a few years back. Everything that is, except a Chiefs game at Arrowhead that was awesome. We stayed in downtown K.C. and it was tough to find any club that had more than a few people in it. We also went to some area (may have been one of those mentioned above) that was supposed to be a happening place, but it was completely dead.


When I see Milwaukee ranked as the smallest market in baseball, I find it hard to believe they are below K.C.. I know it's a small sample, but Milwaukee seems like a much more 'happening place' than K.C..

especially the downtown area. My guess is the city must be really spread out.

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