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Madden 13 Sim League


We have a few spots open for a 2013 Madden League on Playstation 3. If you are interested, reply to this email and we will set up a H2H game vs one of our existing league members to see if you have the sim style to match our style of league play.


I'm posting here in hopes to find a loyal, die-hard, reliable Rams / Seahawks / Redskins/etc fan, that will claim St. Louis / Seattle / Washington etc in our league.


3 games a week (Mon-Tue, Wed-Thurs, Fri-Sun).


Available teams:



Minnesota Vikings -



Washington Redskins -



Arizona Cardinals -

St. Louis Rams -

Seattle Seahawks -




Baltimore Ravens -

Cleveland Browns -



Miami Dolphins -

Buffalo Bills -



Houston Texans -

Tennessee Titans -

Jacksonville Jaguars -



San Diego Chargers -

Kansas City Chiefs -


League Settings:

Level: All Pro

Quarters: 7 minutes

Accelerated Clock: 20 seconds

Injuries: On

Trading: On - No CPU Trades

Weather: On

Fatigue: On

Salaries: No

Rookie Draft: Yes

Free Agent Draft: Yes


This is a SIM league, efforts should be made to emulate what we see on NFL Sunday. We expect all owners to refrain from exploiting weaknesses in the game that causes unfair advantages to the user.


Mix up your plays & player statistics. Avoid running the same exact play out of the same formation 5+ times a game. Your WR/TE may be the best in the league, but you shouldn't throw to him 15+ times a game. You will have more success and fun by mixing up your play calling.


Sportsmanship - Play with class, if you are up by 21+ points in 4th quarter, play to end the game, not run up the score. Remember, this is video game, we are all competitive, we all want to win, and we all take this seriously. But at the end of the day, this is just a video game and a hobby for us. So, regardless of what happens on the field, please treat league members with mutual respect.




When the No Huddle Offense is allowed:

Anytime in the 2H when you need to score on each remaining possession to tie or win.

In the final 3 minutes of 1H as long as you are not winning by 29+ points.

Anytime in the 2H if you are losing by 17+ points.


Although the Patriots and Packers might run the No Huddle Offense in the NFL, it doesn't translate well or fairly to the video game. If you want to run more plays, choose your play sooner in the play clock. If you insist on running the no huddle more often than this league permits, please do not join this league and take your talents to the lobby.


If you manually put a player in Motion, that player will need to come to a complete stop before you can snap the ball. You are not allowed to snap the ball while the player in motion is behind the offensive line. The only exception to this rule is the blue route auto motion plays in the playbook.


Goal-line Offense and Defense are permitted on 3rd & 4th down of 1 or less anywhere on the field and always allowed inside the 10 yard line. QB sneak out of the goal line package is only allowed 4th & 1 or 4th & inches and can be used anywhere on the field.



This league supports players to GO FOR IT on 4th down if you are trailing late in the half or the game and at risk of running out of time. Also, when you are 4th and short in your opponents territory, but out of your field goal kicker's range, this league supports you to go for it. Anytime you are down by 4 possessions or more, this league supports you to continue to score touchdowns rather than kick field goals to tie or win.


This league expects you to Kick the Field Goal on most 4th downs when in field goal range. If you are in field goal range and are tied, winning, or down by three possessions or less with enough time for two more possessions, you should kick the field goal.


This league expects you to Punt on most 4th downs. If you need to score on all remaining possessions to tie or win in the time remaining, you should go for it or can fake the punt in effort to tie or win the game.




Players should only Move Defensive Players they want to control with the exception of DT and DE. You cannot move individual D-Linemen under any circumstances. You may move them using the L1 and R1 to shift the D-Line unit. You cannot move players at all during any kick formations. This includes punt returns where some players move their defensive lineman back for extra blockers.


Do not create a Nano Blitz by bringing down the safeties or linebackers to the A and B gaps in the line.




Onside Kicks are allowed when you need to score on each remaining possession to tie or win. Surprise onside kicks (circle circle) are never allowed for any reason.


2 point conversions are generally not allowed, unless the situation calls for it ie down by 2 or 5 points after a touchdown.

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I am interested. psn tag: stoutdude04


I would prefer Baltimore or SD. I am not a die hard fan of the three you listed but I am a T.O. fanatic...



EDIT: Or possibly Houston. Is it possible to switch franchises if/when someone drops out or gets kicked?


Oops. I hit quote instead of edit.

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ya it is possible to switch teams and that if someone drops out and such we just want guys that will stick around 3 games a week is a lot but it allows us to play more seasons progress players and such Do you have Madden 12 we would like to set up a game vs one of our mods on our website kind of a play in game so to speak When would you be available Also we use texting a lot to schedule games and such so if you want private message me your number and someone will be in touch for a game
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