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Kalle's MP seat locations, 16-22 August


If you're attending any games in the Brewers' 16-22 August homestand (Phillies and Cubs), Italy's and Brewerfan's own kalle8 will be at each and every game with his bride Rosanna. Here is the seat location for each game, should you want to say hi:


Thursday, 16 August : section 323, row 5, seats 5-6 (Bonus: you can meet the hawing party at this section Thursday. I know you're all beside yourselves at the thought.)


Friday, 17 August : section 110, row 3, seats 1-2


Saturday, 18 August : section 204, row 2, seats 26-27

(Remember also the pregame tailgate organized by TooLiveBrew)


Sunday, 19 August : section 226, row 6, seats 11-12


Monday, 20 August : section 426, row 1, seats 18-19


Tuesday, 21 August : section 108, row 19, seats 1-2


Wednesday, 22 August : section 208, row 2, seats 1-2


Kalle, if you see this and I got any locations wrong, let me know and I can edit.


P.S. Brewers, if you could refrain from completely stinking up the joint this homestand, Kalle and a lot of us would really appreciate it.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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