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Brevard Audio in 2013! Also, Winter Park hopes to lure Manatees

Mass Haas

A little birdie had given me a heads-up a week or so ago, but I bit my tongue to allow the Manatees to announce it themselves:


'Tees revive live audio broadcasts for 2013

Fans will be able to stream all home games and select road games for free online


Good news for friends and family of this year's Timber Rattlers; they sure were exposed to a ton of media of all kinds while in Appleton. Great news for all of us, too, especially for the occasional 9:30 AM Central weekday matinee :).


You can get to learn about the "new guy" in this article.


Hopefully Jeff in Nashville, Alex in Huntsville, Chris in Wisconsin, and Steve in Helena will all be back. Quite the little Dream Team!


You can follow Dave on Twitter here.


Listen to Dave's calls via this link.


We'll ask Jeff, Alex, and Chris to follow you at Twitter when they read this, Dave, so you can establish contacts with them and get a sense of how we promote things around here (sample Link Report).


Welcome aboard, Dave!

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Brewer Fanatic Staff

More on the potential new home for the Manatees. As I noted on Twitter, whether the home of the team remains in Viera (Melbourne) or shifts to Orlando, the Brewers would assuredly seek to maintain a long-term relationship and avoid any chance of being stuck with a California League High-A franchise.







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