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My night at MP

I know noone really cares but I'm about to brag.


We got there early and my mom said, "Which one do you want?" It was the powder blue Simmons.


She gave it to me without hesitation. We got to our seats early which were TGIF seats in LF. Shortly after sittng down, Taylor Buchholz trotted out and picked up a ball. He glanced up at me and I said, "Ball me". He tossed the ball to me which seemed to hang forever but came to rest gently in my hands.


Around the 6th, I looked up and saw Mayor Barret standing directly behind me:


I'm almost 30 and this was the first time I walked away from a game with a ball, let alone a picture with the Mayor.



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Yeah--the actual game totally sucked. On a night like last night, you have to find positives elsewhere. it was just a really fun night and noone where I work cares.


If there's one thing I'm picking up from this site, it's to let go of the extreme highs and lows as a fan and simply enjoy the ride no matter which way it goes.


And if you've never done the TGIF thing, it's a fun experience and worth the money.

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