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1990's Brewers Jerseys


So I have a bit of an unexplainable affinity for the '94-'99 Brewers 'industrial stamp' logo. I am wondering if you guys have any advice (or if someone is looking to sell) a jersey from that era, doesn't matter if it's home or away. I found a few on ebay but am not sure how reputable/safe it is buying jerseys there. I've been fine before but also heard horror stories about missing stitching and misspelled names. I also know that they used two different hats during that time. I have the original MB with the green bill and the later single block gold M, but if anyone has any leads on the alternate versions of either one of those two models that would be awesome.


Thanks guys.

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theres a guy on game used universe selling them. he has quite a few but they are 275 minimum. I have bought from him and had a great experience. might be able to dig up his email and name, but if you go there and search for it Im sure you will find it.
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