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Travis Wood

Wood is making $5.7 million in 2nd year of arby to be Cubs long man. Assuming he's non tendered by the Cubs this winter, Wood is just the kind of low cost veteran worth taking a look at next spring to fill out the rotation. It's a bonus that he's a lefty which the Brewers have lacked forever. If he pitches well, he could be easily moved in July. If room is needed to accommodate Davies or another young arm before that, he can be moved to the pen. If he's awful, just release him. Another bonus is his bat, so if you have a short bench, he can do some PH.
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I am not particularly a fan of Wood, but this is the strategy that needs to be enacted.


I'm all for bringing in the Travis Wood, Matt Joyce, and Kelly Johnsons of the world. A smart GM (like Theo) will find the undervalued ones (kinda like Scott Feldman) and plug them in to be successful. Then, a smart GM (like Theo) will do something like trade one as a rental for Jake Arrieta.


Of course, that's the best-case scenario, but these moves don't hurt.

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