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Looking to trade for a size M t-shirt from 8/14


This is probably a bit of a shot in the dark, but I have a size XL of the yellow shirt with the state of Wisconsin and retro logo given away at the game 8/14, and it is way too big (unlike some of the other XLs this year...why can't they standardize the sizes? :laughing). I have worn it once and washed it twice, but it is still in like-new condition. I thought I would check if anyone has a size M and would be willing to trade for my XL. I can also throw in any 2-3 of the following bobbles/gnomes (new in box):


5/22/11 Casey McGehee

7/10/11 Racing Hot Dog

9/25/11 Randy Wolf

7/01/12 Racing Italian

4/07/13 Norichika Aoki

6/23/13 Racing Polish

5/11/14 Kyle Lohse

6/29/14 Scooter Gennett (2)

7/27/14 Jim Henderson

7/11/15 Beloit Snappers Matt Olson (2)

7/19/15 Khris Davis

8/2/15 Garza gnome (2)


I'll be at the games Friday and Sunday this weekend if anyone is available for an in-person trade, as well as some other games the rest of the year. Otherwise, we can work out something else.

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