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Anyone Looking to adopt a Dog? Bluetick Coonhound Mix


Hi guys, I am posting this ad with the hopes of getting my former dog BOONE (we unfortunately have to give him back to the Humane Society) adopted. He will be at Elmbrook Humane Society starting on 9/23/2015


We adopted him 3 months ago (he came from the streets of Tennessee as a stray) and he is loving sweet Bluetick Coonhound Mix approximately 1 year old weighing around 35 lbs. We unfortunately do not have the right environment for him. An ideal environment for him would be on a farm (he's part cattle herding dog we believe) or hunting somewhere where he can run and chase small animals. He does need attention and does not do well staying inside a crate for long periods. He also needs to be trained as well although he does know basic commands such as sit, stay, wait and leave it. Although he was ok with our 2 yr old son he does like to jump and since he is a puppy he will play bite as well. He tends to get scared very easily but is ok around other dogs.


If you or anyone else you know might be interested in adopting him please reach out. I really would like to keep in contact with his new owner to know how he is doing. Any questions please reach out!



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