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Thoughts on Interleague Play

I think this topic comes up multiple times per year, but it is fresh on my mind...We are now a full series removed from our last interleague series of the season, and I want to reflect a bit on interleague play overall. Personally, I like interleague play, but I wish they would change it up a bit. I think the Brewers played 5 interleage series, right? (Minnesota twice, KC, Tex, Det...is that it?)


First off, why do they put all of the interleage games in big chunks? Four out of the five series before Houston were against the AL. I wish they would spread interleage out a bit more. I realize they shouldn't have interleague in September during the pennant races, but I don't see any issues with it later in the season, maybe in July into very early August.


Also, I understand the Twins are our "natural rival" and all, but I'm not so sure I like seeing them twice a year. I thought the original purpose of interleague was to see teams we normally can't see. I don't think we've seen the White Sox since we moved to the NL (and in my opinion they are more natural than the Twins, yet we get to see the Twins twice a year. I sort of wish you played your "natural rival" once a year, rotating every year where the series is played, they play four other teams from the other league.


What other thoughts to people have?

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I like it the way it is. I know not all the matchups are exciting, but neither are many of the regular matchups. As long as they shift around the opponents every few years, I think it is fun. I like seeing new teams come through Miller Park once in a while.


I personally think playing interleague games in chunks makes it more interesting. If teams randomly spread around interleague games throughout the schedule, it wouldn't even get noticed that much. At least you have something interesting for a few weeks.


I also like the regional rivalry concept. I know not every team has a great rival, but it's good for most places that do.


The only thing that bothers me is that AL teams have a real DH on their roster. The NL teams usually have to insert some backup scrub and it doesn't seem fair. Imagine if we played the Red Sox and we had to pitch to David Ortiz and the Sox had to pitch to Gabe Gross. It doesn't feel right.

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Every time I watch an interleague game, I try to convince myself how I feel about the DH.


Sometimes I love the fact that you can just put your big players out there and let them swing. Little srategy.


Then I watch the minute details of a NL game and really enjoy watching how a manager deals with the pitchrer's spot, double switches, etc.


I guess I'd like to see it spread out over the course of the year a little more but I love interleague play and think it's one of Selig's better moves.

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