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My trip to Coors Field


I know its a bit late but this is the first chance I have had to get in front of the computer after spending a few days down in Denver. A good buddy of mine flew in for the games so even though the Crew stunk it up, we still had a great time. We lucked into great seats for a few of the games(front row behind the Rockies dugout for Monday) and it was great to see guys like Prince and Braun that close. I know most of you guys/gals saw the games so I won't rehash them but here are a few things that come to mind from the series:


-The thin air is no joke. At first I thought it was just Vargas getting lit up like a Christmas tree but soon realized that nearly every pitch looks like it was absolutely smoked.

-I have a newly found respect for guys that pitch in CO. After watching the breaking balls or lack thereof(see Gallardo) it made me realize just how different it is to pitch at altitude and why certain guys that rely on their breaker have failed out there. Ive seen it on TV a number of times but its much more apparent seeing it in person. I can't imagine what it was like to watch games in that park before they started using the humidifier.

-Prince is a beast

-The bar across the street from Coors Field could be the death of me if the Brewers ever play more than a 3 game stand in CO. I highly recommend Swanky's if anyone is ever in Denver.

-The players seem much more approachable away from home.

-Spurling is much bigger(built) in person. We ran into him on Tuesday night and got the chance to talk to him for quite a while. We didn't want to bother him other than to say congrats on the year they have been having but he was really talkative and carried the conversation for the most part. It was great to get his take on the current state of the team, the race for the Central, and life in the big leagues. I was almost tempted(and almost drunk enough) to ask if his neck hurt after giving up that bomb but didn't think it would be appropriate at the time.

-Being 1000 miles removed from my favorite team in the world sucks. It was way cooler when I could practically walk to Miller Park on any given night.

-This team is extremely frustrating. I know that I should have gone in with tempered expectations(especially on the road) but its hard to do when the team that you love is in town after months of anticipation. I would have been cool with a single win and a few close games, but getting blown out and then having brooms waved in your face is no fun.

-Coors Field is extremely fan friendly. Ushers were walking around with sunscreen and mist bottles on Wednesdays day game(the heat and sun were horrendous) which I thought was a nice touch.


All in all we had a great time and it was great to see the Brew Crew in person again instead of watching everything on MLB.tv. I know its frustrating to watch lately but just remember back a few years when we were 10-20 under at this point. We are still 1/2 game up in the standings and there is a bunch of meaningful baseball on the horizon. Its easy to get down on this team but when you look at it, its the best we have seen in a number of years and we should be celebrating that instead of complaining more than ever. I know its small, but here is a picture of the sun going down past the mountains that I took on Monday night. Its not this small or blurry on my computer but I don't know how to change it to imbed properly into the post. If anyone has a suggestion on what to do, its a pretty cool picture when its clear.




edit: I'll learn to spell one of these days.

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Good stuff. Did you see me in my "The man, the myth" shirt? I try and make the Coors series every year. This year I bought $4 Rockpile seats and hung out over the bullpen for a lot of the games, but in previous years I've been able to get great seats, sometimes a few rows right behind home plate. For anyone who hasn't been to Coors, I highly recommend it. It's one of my favorites.
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Glad you were there.


Worst series of the year and worst picture ever.


Your pic is actually quite fitting of how the Crew played over the weekend...terrible!


I'm sure it was a great pic on your phone but the taste from that series makes everything seem worse!

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