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Looking for a specific Brewers t-shirt

I'm not sure if my imagination was playing tricks on me, but there is a Brewer's t-shirt I could have sworn I saw. It was last week a the 82 renunion game. One of the contestants during one of the between inning games wore a t-shirt that had the 82 players' moustaches on the back of it. Does this shirt really exist? Or was I so entertained by the fact that nearly every player on that 1982 team had a moustache, that I thought it should be on a t-shirt (then thought it was)? If it does exist, where could I find it?
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Speaking of specific Brewers apparel.... I want a fitted barrel-man logo hat, but have been unable to find one.


Anyone I've seen with one has all but refused to tell me where they got the hat.


Any help?

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