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Chris Cates...(more of a question to colbyjack)

Have you seen Chris Cates play, as I'm sure you know, he was a 38th rounder in the draft for the Twins, and a pretty big influence in the college world series for Louisville. But I've seen him play for Beloit and he seems like a good player. Last night against Kane County he turned a double play taking a hit from Kane County and throwing a strike over to Matt Betsile at first. He is only 5'3" but he is really fun to watch. It seems to me in the 4 or 5 games I've watched of him, he needs to be more selective at the plate. But he is as sure handed as it gets in the field, I was just wondering if you think he will be able to go anywhere past the lower levels, or if his size will just cut him down.


Thanks for the help, and hopefully it isn't a weird question.

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I haven't seen Cates play outside of the college baseball regionals this past year. His height is really going to restrict what he can and can't do on a baseball field, but he's going to draw a lot of comparisons to Eckstein given his size, work ethic and overall style of play. I hate to dismiss him just because his height, but he is really going to have to earn every promotion he receives.


What I saw of him briefly it's hard not to like and root for the guy. And not a weird question at all, enjoy him while you can at Beloit. It does say something that he made it to low-A after debuting in the Appalachian League just a couple of months after he was drafted.

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