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My trade list which includes retro Rickie Weeks


I finally got my extra bobbleheads in order and here is what I have to trade. all are in the packaging in the box except the 2001 Bucky Badger

I would like to trade these for other bobbleheads from my want list instead of cash.

My email @ is zachlaka@gmail.com


Mini 1982 pinstripes

1 Cecil Cooper

1 Mike Caldwell

3 Harvey Kuenn

2 robin Yont

2 Don Money


Full size

2001 Bucky Badger from McDonalds

2 Rickie Weeks White

1 Rickie Weeks Retro




These are all the bobbles I still need

01 Goeff Jenkins

01 Bob Uecker

01 Robin Yount

02 Richie Sexson

02 Ben Sheets White

02 Hank Aaron

02 Ben Sheets Futures

03 Jeffrey Hammonds

03 Paul Molitor Poweder Blue

03 Mini Racing Bratwurst

03 Mini Racing Polish Sausage

03 Mini Racing Italian Sausage

04 Scott Podsednik White

04 Scott Podsednik Blue

04 Gorman Thomas White

04 Daron and Bill

05 Ben Sheets White

05 Lyle Overbay White

05 Lyle Overbay Blue

05 Carlos Lee White

05 Carlos Lee Blue

05 Mini Junior Spivey

05 Mini Ned Yost

06 Admirals Ben Sheets

06 Derrick Turnbow Retro

06 Mini Chris Capuano

06 Damian Miller Retro

06 Hot Dog "Bobble Dog

06 Robin Yount Coach

06 Robin Yount Rookie

07 Cecil Cooper Powder Blue

07 Prince Fielder Retro

07 Mike Caldwell Powder Blue

07 Ted Simmons Powder Blue

07 Gorman Thomas Powder Blue

07 Ben Oglivie Powder Blue

07 Pete Vuckovich White (Need 2)

07 Don Money Powder Blue


Any Brewerrs minor League bobbleheads except these

05 Beloit Snappers Dave Krynzel

05 Beloit Snappers Vinny Rottino

07 Beloit Snappers Prince Fielder

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