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WV Speed a thing of beauty...and nightmares!

After watching the power steal 5 bases last nite, I found myself taking note of something else that this kind of speed we have here in WV does....it makes not only pitchers but also all the infielders very nervous! These guys have 32 stolen bases over 13 games, and Ford got third almost standing up last night! Brantley and Ford were both here last year, but add Brewer Caufield and Mojica, and there is no such thing as a routine double play ball in Charleston. Infielders are BADLY throwing away easy plays (2 errors on the SS last nite), and pitchers get that aw shucks(edited for proper posting) look on there faces when any of this crew gets on base. I don't think I have ever seen a pitcher and a shortstop any more nervous and uptight as the guys from Hickory last nite. I guess you could say, pun intended, the Power have now "run off" eight in a row!
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