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How to "Fix" the MLB Postseason, If You Think It Needs Fixing

There's a ton of chatter about the MLB postseason format and while I think it's blowing current issues out of proportion - we have all of two years of data from which to draw - I believe there is some merit to the criticisms. There's a relatively easy fix, though, and it can actually reduce the length of the postseason by a day should MLB wish to take that route. First, there are complaints about the number of teams in the postseason. I rather strongly disagree with this take; as a fan of m

FOCO Unveils Charlie Brown Milwaukee Brewers Bobblehead

FOCO is a partner with Brewer Fanatic and support of their products helps support this site; 100% of the funds/materials received from these promotions go directly to our users in the form of prizes and gifts. Get ready to celebrate America's favorite pastime with a touch of nostalgia as FOCO, a leading manufacturer of officially licensed sports and entertainment merchandise, announces the release of an exciting new collection: Peanuts Charlie Brown MLB Team Themed Bobbleheads. This collabo

FOCO Announces Brice Turang Rookie Bobblehead

Our friends at FOCO have announced a cool limited-edition bobblehead that we want to share with our Brewer Fanatic users. It's a Brice Turang rookie bobblehead, limited to only 96 units. FOCO is a partner of Brewer Fanatic and if you use our affiliate link, we earn credits we use exclusively to return to our users via prizes and gifts. Take a look at this exclusive offer and get a unique gift for a promising young rookie and former top prospect!

FOCO Releases Limited Edition Brewers Spring Training Bobblehead

Brewer Fanatic is a partner with FOCO products and earns products for any affiliate purchases you make, 100% of which is returned to our users in gift form. Any support you provide is support of the Brewer Fanatic community itself! To celebrate the return of baseball, FOCO is releasing a Spring Training Bobblehead Collection that features commemorative team bobbleheads, mascots, and some of the game’s best players from the Grapefruit and Cactus Spring training leagues. The commemorativ

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