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Six Months of Brewer Fanatic

I haven't checked in for a bit - my August baseball slump kicked in hard watching both the Twins and Brewers falter night after night - but now that the kids are back in school, expect to see a lot more of me as we gear up for the offseason and the hot stove season where hope springs anew as we envision only the best and brightest things in 2023. To kick off the offseason, we're developing a really cool payroll tool that allows you to craft your own payroll and easily post it to the forums.

This is not normal ... but is it the new normal?

Author's note: Because of ease of sorting for the various categories, I used Baseball Reference for team ages and Fangraphs for age season the individual players were in. Also, 2006 is used as a cutoff date for some of the items because that is how far back Fangraphs’ database goes. It is no secret that this year’s Carolina Mudcats squad has been young, filled with teens who came through the DSL pipeline — the kind of roster where, especially on offense, guys who can legally drink are the e

One by One - Let us see what the remaining schedule holds for the Brewers (predictions added)

If you are anything like me, the last few games against the Cubs made me want to scream, laugh, cry, laugh, throw my tv out the apartment, and laugh again. The division we once sat at the top of is now red and we sit 5 games back. The NL wild card we once did not partake in now has us 1.5 games outside of the last spot.  It does not matter what the Brew Crew once did but what now it is what the Brew Crew will do that determines whether or not Milwaukee gets to see October baseball. I am an

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Week 17 + 18: @ Pittsburgh Pirates + vs Cincinnati Reds + vs Tampa Bay Rays + @ St. Louis Cardinals

Coming out of the 2022 Trade Deadline, you Milwaukee Brewers looked to have 3 series within the division, including a crucial 3-game series against the competing St. Louis Cardinals, plus a 2-game home series against a good Tampa Bay Rays team.  Knowing that the sending of Josh Hader to the San Diego Padres was a blow to the morale and confidence to the team [what does it say when management sends an All-Star to another competing NL team], how will the Brew Crew bounce back.  Come join the Brew

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Trade Deadline + Week 15: vs Colorado Rockies + vs Minnesota Twins + @ Boston Red Sox

Coming out of the All-Star break, the Brewers got hot and really started creating momentum for their team and their post-season push.  The team was looking loose and really enjoying themselves, fans were getting energize, and we were seeing areas of weakness [offense] start to turn it around.  The Brewers were scoring more runs than almost any other team in MLB. Then, the trade deadline approached and totally flipped everything on its head.  What moves did the Brewers make?  How did that impa

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Weeks 12 - 14 + All-Star Break - Look Back @ 1st Half of Season

As Brewer fans, we're used to our Brew Crew limping into the break.  Since 2013, they've only seen one year where they had a winning record within the final stretch the the All-Star game.  For the 2022 season, that was no different.  Remember, that includes 4 straight years where the Crew have made the playoffs.  Thus, don't let this slump discourage you on they season they've had thus far and what the rest of the year holds for them. With the Brewers, and the rest of the MLB, now reaching th

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Week 10 + 11: @ Mets + @ Reds + vs Cardinals + vs Blue Jays

The BCCC crew look to  recap the past week's + games for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Weeks 9 & 10 for the Brewers included a 3 game road trip against the New York Mets,  a 3 game road trip against the Cincinnati Reds, a 4 game home series vs the St. Louis Cardinals, and a  3 game home series vs the Toronto Blue Jays.  They went 8-5 in that stretch, putting their record at 42-33 overall, which is good enough for 1st in the NL Central and and 5th in the National League.    

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Week 8.5 + 9 - vs San Diego Padres + vs Philadelphia Phillies + @ Washington Nationals

The BCCC crew look to  recap the past week's + games for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Week 8.5 & 9 for the Brewers included a 4 game home series against the San Diego Padres, a 3 game home series against the Philadelphia Phillies, and a 3 game road trip to the Washington Nationals.  They went 2-8 in that stretch, putting their record at 34-28 overall, which is good enough for 2nd in the NL Central and drop out of the top 5 in the National League.   Thur. 3/2: Brewers vs Pad

What will the 2023 Brewers Line up Bring?

As someone who plays MLB 22 The Show on a daily basis (I know…it’s a problem) I constantly think about how prospects will develop. On that same note, I also think about how those prospects will affect roster decisions and line ups for teams. In this post we will examine position by position the outlook for the 2023 Brewers season.  Catcher -  This year we saw the duo of Omar Narvaez and Victor Caratini take care of the Brewers pitching staff. Going into the 2023 season Omar Narvaez is set

David Stearns,‘ Bite out of the Apple’ Philosophy Makes Sense

It has officially been a week since MLB All-Star closer Josh Hader has been traded to the San Diego Padres. Since then the Milwaukee Brewers have taken a hit. Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Reds marked their 5th loss since the trade, showing much frustration among Brewers fans. Luckily the Brew Crew pulled through tonight with a win over the Rays, but many fans and experts are asking the question, “Are the Milwaukee Brewers a World Series contender?” If you were to take a look on social me

When statistics become flat out interesting

Because of my job (despite working in sports) and where I live (the epicenter of MLB blackout bizarreness), I get to actually watch very little baseball. It is one of the reasons I post mainly in the minor league forum, because a far smaller number get to see those with regularity. Following the sport I grew up obsessed with simply from box scores and statistics has given me an eye for oddities. The Brewers' best ACL hitter? When you look at the Brewers' ACL squads, among players with

What was the best Brewers draft of the last 20 years (Part 4)?

This is the fourth and last post of my review of the Brewers past 20 drafts.  Check out my previous post for years 2021 - 2016, years 2008 - 2015, and for years 2002 - 2007.  What was the best draft of the last 20 years?  That is not easy to judge since some of those players are still playing and could continue to improve and put up impressive stats.  I’m using career WAR as one way to evaluate the players.  Is a draft successful if only one or two stars make it?  The team still has to fill ou

What was the best Brewers draft of the last 20 years (Part 3)?

This is the third part of my review of the Brewers past 20 drafts.  Check out my previous post for years 2008 - 2015 and from years 2002 - 2007.  Quite a few poor drafts and trades at the major league level left the minors in rough shape.  By 2014, Baseball America ranked the Brewers minors 29th overall.  As you can see from my last post, not a whole lot of help came from these last few years.  Let’s pickup where I left off and discuss the 2015 season, where Ray Montgomery made his first selecti

What will 2023 bring to the Brewers Jersey?

As a fan of sports in general it is always nice to take a look at the different leagues and see the trends that might potentially end up in baseball. One trend that is no longer a trend but rather a staple in most sports, is the sponsors on jerseys. If you watch soccer this is nothing new to you, jersey sponsors have been around since the 70's and have not taken a step back since.  2017 saw the first jersey sponsor on an NBA jersey and what I once feared had become reality. Sooner than late

What was the best Brewers draft of the last 20 years (Part 2)?

This is the second part of my review of the Brewers past 20 drafts.  Check out my previous post for years 2002 - 2007.  Let’s continue with the 2008 draft, the last of scouting director Jack Zduriencik with the Brewers. Note: In parentheses are their career WAR as calculated by Baseball Reference. 2008, draft order 16th, 54 players selected, 4 comp picks All Star - Jake Odorizzi (13.9) Regular - Brett Lawrie (15.6) Role - Logan Schafer (0), Rob Wooten (-0.3), Luca

What was the best Brewers draft of the last 20 years?

I compiled data on each of the last 20 drafts to see how many players reached the majors and how they fared.  It was interesting to see how few players made it.  In this blog, I will evaluate each draft by career WAR of the players and by a somewhat subjective evaluation of talent as described below.  All Star - Player made the MLB All star team Regular - Player was a starter for at least two years Role Player - Part time player Callup - Player had limited playing ti

Three months in - the state of Brewer Fanatic

It has been a little over three months since we flipped the switch on the new site and exactly three months since the front page news portion of the site was added. We thank all of you for working with us as we kinda find our way through merging an existing community into our site model. There were some bumps and bruises along the way but the community as a whole has been exceptionally welcoming to all of us as we work through issues. First off, the past 30 days have been incredible for us,

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Week 7 + 8.5: @ San Diego Padres + @ St. Louis Cardinals + @ Chicago Cubs

The BCCC crew look to  recap week's 7 + 8.5 games for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Week 7 + 8.5 for the Brewers included a 11 game road trip with 3 games against the San Diego Padres, 4 games against the St. Louis Cardinals, and 4 games (1 day being a double header) against the Chicago Cubs.  They went 6-5 in that stretch, putting their record at 32-20 overall, which is good enough for 1st in the NL Central and 3rd in the National League.       Mon. 5/23: Brewers @ Pa

Digging into draft tendencies

With the MLB draft about a month away, I thought I would take a bit of time and examine some of the Brewers tendencies to predict what we can expect when the draft kicks off July 17. Catch a falling star          The Brewers have no problem stopping the fall of players many didn’t expect to be there. Garrett Mitchell, of course, was the classic example of this, but Sal Frelick was routinely being mocked above the Brewers’ pick as well. They also have had no problem grabbing

Final record for Brewers this season?

Now that we’re past the one-third point of the season, I’m curious what you think the Brewers final regular season record will be. FiveThirtyEight currently predicts the Brewers finishing the season at 88-74. This simulation projects the Brewers having a two-thirds chance at making the playoffs, and only a 3% chance of winning the World Series [1]. However, as we have learned with past elections, simulations can’t be trusted! The good news is Brewers have Craig Counsell as their skipper.  

What Will Happen when Adames and Renfroe Come Back?

Willy Adames and Hunter Renfroe are both expected to come back to the major league club on June 7th after a much needed off-day on June 6th following the 4 game set against the Padres where the Brewers dropped 3 and were largely unable to score. Their return will need some altering to the roster. Adames has been working back through a series of rehab assignments, albeit with complications. On the 28th of May, he had some right quadriceps discomfort while with the Single-A Carolina Mudcats w

Joey Wiemer: The Future of the Brewers’ Outfield?

Joey Wiemer has been making his presence known throughout the minor leagues. Currently ranked as the second highest prospect in the Brewers organization, the right fielder has been an absolute menace in the batter’s box. This young prospect is an essential part of what will become an unstoppable Brewers outfield with Christian Yelich in left field, Sal Frelick in center field, and Joey Wiemer in right field. The future looks bright for this young outfielder.  Originally hailing from Ohio, W

Outfielder's Ascension is Taylor-Made

There have been some frustrating stretches for the Brewers offense thus far in 2022, and no one has been affected more than the outfield core. Hunter Renfroe got off to a slow start before heating up (then landing on the IL), while both Christain Yelich and Andrew Mcuthchen have cooled over the past weeks, all while veteran Lorenzo Cain has yet to find his groove at all. Then there’s Tyrone Taylor. He certainly hasn’t been immune to struggles in 2022, but when his name has been consistently etch
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