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About this blog

On this blog we will explore the different factors that shape our Milwaukee Brewers. From roster construction to outside sponsorships, we will discuss potential impacts to the team and more importantly, to you the fan. 

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One by One - Let us see what the remaining schedule holds for the Brewers (predictions added)

If you are anything like me, the last few games against the Cubs made me want to scream, laugh, cry, laugh, throw my tv out the apartment, and laugh again. The division we once sat at the top of is now red and we sit 5 games back. The NL wild card we once did not partake in now has us 1.5 games outside of the last spot.  It does not matter what the Brew Crew once did but what now it is what the Brew Crew will do that determines whether or not Milwaukee gets to see October baseball. I am an

Ubaldo Castillo

Ubaldo Castillo in Playoffs

What will the 2023 Brewers Line up Bring?

As someone who plays MLB 22 The Show on a daily basis (I know…it’s a problem) I constantly think about how prospects will develop. On that same note, I also think about how those prospects will affect roster decisions and line ups for teams. In this post we will examine position by position the outlook for the 2023 Brewers season.  Catcher -  This year we saw the duo of Omar Narvaez and Victor Caratini take care of the Brewers pitching staff. Going into the 2023 season Omar Narvaez is set

Ubaldo Castillo

Ubaldo Castillo in Roster

What will 2023 bring to the Brewers Jersey?

As a fan of sports in general it is always nice to take a look at the different leagues and see the trends that might potentially end up in baseball. One trend that is no longer a trend but rather a staple in most sports, is the sponsors on jerseys. If you watch soccer this is nothing new to you, jersey sponsors have been around since the 70's and have not taken a step back since.  2017 saw the first jersey sponsor on an NBA jersey and what I once feared had become reality. Sooner than late

Ubaldo Castillo

Ubaldo Castillo in Jerseys

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