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One by One - Let us see what the remaining schedule holds for the Brewers (predictions added)

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Do the Brewers make October baseball?  

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If you are anything like me, the last few games against the Cubs made me want to scream, laugh, cry, laugh, throw my tv out the apartment, and laugh again. The division we once sat at the top of is now red and we sit 5 games back. The NL wild card we once did not partake in now has us 1.5 games outside of the last spot. 

It does not matter what the Brew Crew once did but what now it is what the Brew Crew will do that determines whether or not Milwaukee gets to see October baseball. I am an accountant by trade and an anxious person by life…so that led me to want to write this article. Let us take a look at the remaining games the Brewers have in store. I will come back after each game and update this blog post as we go so we can suffer…or enjoy the rest of the season as we should together. 

The Brewers are currently sitting at 64 - 56 so we can add wins and losses from here. 

Let us start with the next three games.

8/22 - @Dodgers - Lauer v Urias - I hate to say it but I think the lefty has us beat here - (64-57) - Actual - W 

8/23 - @Dodgers - Burns v Gonsolin - I think we squeak by against a righty - (65-57) - Actual - L

8/24 - @Dodgers - Ashby v Heaney - Another lefty…but one with 5.79 ERA in the last 10 so I think we take this - (66-57) - Actual - L 

I am 0-3 to start...let's hope I am correct going forward

8/26 - Cubs - Assuming Burnes is on the mound I think we take this one from the Cubs (67-57) - Actual - L - Noted...don't pitch to Ian Happ

8/27 - Cubs - Woody on the mound in a game not at Wrigley. I think we take this one as well (68-57) - Actual - W 

8/28 - Cubs - FREDDY DAY - This is a series I think we take back from the Cubs as a thank you for the terrible hospitality at Wrigley. W - (69-57) - Actual - W

8/29 - Pirates - Lauer Day against a team with nothing to play for. I think we lose the first one at home (69-58) - Actual W - Mitchell and KestDaddy come through for the team.

8/30 - Pirates - Ashby day. The pitcher with the new deal has something to prove after pretty okay outings against the Cubs and a potential loss against the Dodgers. We take a win right back - (70-58) 

8/31 - Pirates - Burnes day again…so quick? I think we take this game through starting pitching in a close one. (71-58)

Now we turn to September:

9/1 - @Dbacks - Woody day at a pitchers park? I think we will take this game. (72-58) 

9/2 - @Dbacks - Freddy day at a pitchers park? I think we take this game..no this is not a type or a copy and paste. I think we have the right starting pitching against a team with little to play for at just the right time. (73-58)

9/3 - @Dbacks - Lauer on the mound I feel will take this and continue the hot streak. (74-58)

9/4 - @Dbacks - Ashby struggles on a hiccup against the DBacks and we take the loss on the chin - (74-59)

9/5 - @Rockies - Burnes day…yea…I think we take this against a limping Rockies team - (75-59)

9/6 - @Rockies - Woody day. I think we struggle and lose this game…call it a hunch or intuition but Woody at a hitters ballpark just never sits right with me. (75-60)

9/7 - @Rockies - Fred E day again I think we enter a slugfest with the Rockies and come out on top. (76-60)

9/8 - Giants - This day is a doubleheader and it will have Lauer and Ashby pitching. I don’t feel like this goes down like this so my best guess is that we split the games against the Giants. One win and one loss. (77-61)

9/9 - Reds - No Votto against Burnes, I think we take this start of the weekend with a Win for Corbin. (78-61)

9/10 - Reds - No Votto against Woody…I think we take this one again as well. (79-61)

9/11 - Reds - On Giannis bobblehead night? A packed house on Fred E day…I think we win again and sweep the Reds. (80-61)

Two days later….

9/13 - @Cardinals - I think this team is hot. Pujols almost to the 700 and everyone having career years. All of this against Lauer. I think we lose to a righty heavy lineup. (80-62)

9/14 - @Cardinals - Same thing but sub in Ashby. I think the same outcome. A loss. (80-63)


9/16 - Yankees - A struggling team that I think might just take a loss to us on Corbin day. We take this one in a narrow game. (81-63)

9/17 - Yankees - Woody. Do we trust him? I do…he is consistent but I think the Yankees get it together and pull it off - (81-64)

9/18 - Yankees - Fred E day. This is a tough one. If el Principe takes this game then it gives us confidence to end the year. I do think we take it. (82-64)

9/19 - Mets - Oh man do we run into it here on Lauer day. This team is buzzing and they are quite the offense. I think we lose the opener. (82-65)

9/20 - Mets - Ashby may or may not perform against this stacked lineup but I feel confident we can take a game off of the Mets 4 or 5 starters. Win here. (83-65)

9/21 - Mets - Burnes vs Max or Jacob…I think we lose this game. This will be a true test of October for the Crew - (83-66)

9/22 - @Reds - Woody day away at a pitchers park? Give me a win here fellas please. (84-66)

9/23- @Reds - Fred E day…so soon? Against a struggling Reds team? Order up a W for us Crew please. Win tonight. (85-66)

9/24 - @Reds - We need you tonight Lauer - Winner winner leftover fish fry dinner - (86-66)

9/25 - @Reds - Ashby gets it together before October. We take the sweep - (87-66)

A few moments later….

9/27 - Cardinals - Corbin day could not come sooner. We take opening game against the Cards. 


9/28 - Cardinals - We need this one Woody. This is when we turn on Meek Mill and stay on a roll. (89-66)

9/29 - Marlins - Fred E day…I think we take the first against the Marlins. - (90-66)

9/30 - Marlins - Lauer day…our 4 takes it and guides us towards that October baseball everyone talks about. (91-66)

10/1 - Marlins - Ashby against a team that doesn’t have anything to play for. W again. (92-66)

10/2 - Marlins - Corbin against the world - We take a win and we keep rolling - (93-66)

10/3 - Dbacks - Woody…we know you have it in you to win the first one. (94-66)

10/4 - Dbacks - Fred E…let us end the year better than when we started. (95-66)

10/5 - Dbacks - Lauer please…please don’t make me update this line with a loss. I think we win and finish the year at (96-66)

TLDR - Of the 42 remaining games I think the Brewers turn on the jets and win 32 and lose 10 to end the season at 96-66. This means their win percentage for the remaining schedule is 76%. Is that super high? Yes I think it is. But think about it like this. With the starting rotation we have. Do you think the team can win 3 of 5 consistently and then win an extra game every so often? I think so. There are a lot of teams on the schedule that have nothing to play for and I believe the teams like the Mets and Yankees who will coast into the playoffs might take it easy with their players. I love to see what you all think so please…let me know if I am wrong…if you agree….or if you are somewhere in between. 

In the end it is all about the ride we take as fans. No one can truly predict 100% how these games will go. I mean…I am sure someone can get really close with some statistical analysis but to me, the Brewers are a team I turn on the TV to relax. To wind down and forget about all the work responsibilities I have. Whether or not this optimistic I want you all to know that seeing this Brewer team has led to conversations with great people and amazing tailgating memories. Let us hope that we can take the rest of the season and get into October because I really want to put my Cream jersey to the test in two months.



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