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Today January 18th, the Milwaukee Brewers signed 3rd basemen/ Brian Anderson.  What dies he bring to Milwaukee?


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Predicting a full season of Garrett Mitchell in 2023

Garrett Mitchell showed flashes with the bat and bolts on the basepaths when he got a brief cup of coffee in the majors in 2022. In 61 at-bats,  Mitchell accumulated a 0.9 WAR. He showed he knows how to track fly balls down in center, displaying his plus speed. His sprint speed at  30.2 ft per second currently ranks him 6th in MLB, the number one spot going to Diamondbacks young stud Corbin Carroll, who has a 30.7 ft per second ranking.  Mitchell trails by a mere half-point difference.

Can Robert Gasser make the opening day roster?

The news About Aaron Ashby being sidelined due to shoulder fatigue is not a good sign for this Brewers team who will hope to compete for the National League Central this upcoming season. Milwaukee will need all they can get in available arms if they hope to dethrone the reigning NL Central champion St. Louis Cardinals. We have yet to determine how serious this situation could be for Ashby, but this could present an opportunity for a highly regarded prospect to get an extended look in s
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