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Can Robert Gasser make the opening day roster?

Steven Ohlrogge



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The news About Aaron Ashby being sidelined due to shoulder fatigue is not a good sign for this Brewers team who will hope to compete for the National League Central this upcoming season.

Milwaukee will need all they can get in available arms if they hope to dethrone the reigning NL Central champion St. Louis Cardinals.

We have yet to determine how serious this situation could be for Ashby, but this could present an opportunity for a highly regarded prospect to get an extended look in spring training.

The Brewers recently announced their 2023 spring training non-roster invitees. One name that stood out and should excite Brewer fans is Robert Gasser made the list.

 Gasser has impressed in the minors with his career ERA of 3.67 as opposed to his college level of 4.64; in 2022, between three levels in the minor leagues, Gasser had a negative win-loss of 7-12 but held a respectable era of 3.94.  He doesn't throw hard but managed to strike out 172 batters in 132 innings.

Now with the unfortunate injury to Aaron Ashby, depending on the severity, of course,  Gasser has a very good chance to make his MLB debut in 2023 and perhaps even grab a spot on the 26-man roster come Opening Day,



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As tempting as it is to simply respond with the rabies headline clip from Vicar of Dibley (my wife's an Anglophile so these are my points of reference), I guess it isn't entirely outside the realm of possibility. I think it would, however, require a specific set of circumstances. First, there would have to be several long term injuries. I can't see them adding him to the 40-man for a spot start or two. Second, he would have to be strong enough this spring to be clearly ahead of all of the options who are on the 40-man. It isn't impossible, but I'd have a tough time going over 5% for the chance and definitely wouldn't go into double digits.

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I appreciate your feedback!  However, with the recent developments to Aaron Ashby's injury situation and Jason Alexander going down.  We could see Gasser as a realistic option.

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Realistically the simplest path to Gasser to make the roster is for one more long term injury to one of the top five and then Gasser being so lights out this spring that he not only clearly separates himself from Junk … and Small … and Wilson … and Miller, but Houser as well. That is a tall ask from someone with minimal AAA time in an organization not known for rushing pitching prospects into the rotation.

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