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Weird Stuff 'Bout April Baseball

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Today's lesson - don't make any judgements based on April statistics.


Total HR for Dunn, Fielder and Howard - 2 - Total HR for Bengie Molina - 3


Total SB for Carlos Gomez - 5 - Total SB for the NY Mets -3 - Jose Reyes has zero


Total RBI for Carlos Quentin - 8 - Total RBI for Magglio Ordonez - 0 Oh, by the way, Maggs also has zero HR, and zero Runs


ERA for Roy Oswalt - 6.00, WHIP - 1.92 - ERA for Micah Owings 2.63 - WHIP - 0.88


Exactly how many guys became vegetarians over the winter? I guess we know which guys took their burgers!

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Yeah, it's impossible to decipher anything from the small samples right now. From the look of Braun's line you'd think he's had a pretty solid start to the year. But it's pretty much the opposite. He has shown no patience whatsoever. Hell, a majority, if not all, of his hits in Chicago were of the bloop variety. You'd never know looking at the box scores that Hardy or Weeks have strung together more quality at bats.


Yost said in an interview yesterday that we don't have a 'hot' hitter yet. For the most part, he's right. (Except for Kendall, who's hitting the ball as well as he ever will). But if you looked and saw the NL leaderboard for team OPS you'd see the Brewers 2nd in the league.

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