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5/3/07 Non Brewers IGT

National League


Cincinnati 13-14 (Road: 7-7) 8:05pm ET

Houston 11-15 (Home: 5-8)


CIN: E. Milton (0-4, 4.71)

HOU: W. Rodriguez (0-3, 4.50)


NY Mets 16-10 (Road: 9-3) 9:40pm ET

Arizona 16-13 (Home: 9-5)


NYM: T. Glavine (3-1, 2.80)

ARI: M. Owings (1-1, 2.93)




Philadelphia 12-15 (Road: 6-8) 10:15pm ET

San Francisco 14-12 (Home: 8-6)


PHI: A. Eaton (2-2, 7.71)

SF: M. Cain (1-1, 1.54)



American League


NY Yankees 10-14 (Road: 4-8) 2nd Game

Texas 10-16 (Home: 6-5)


NYY: A. Pettitte (1-1, 3.00)

TEX: R. Tejeda (3-1, 3.82)



Seattle 12-10 (Road: 4-4) 7:05pm ET

Boston 17-9 (Home: 8-4)


H. Ramirez (2-1, 4.41)

D. Matsuzaka (3-2, 4.36)



Toronto 13-14 (Road: 6-7) 7:05pm ET

Cleveland 16-8 (Home: 10-3)


TOR: D. McGowan (0-0, NA)

CLE: C. Lee (0-0, NA)



Minnesota 15-12 (Road: 8-5) 7:10pm ET


Tampa Bay 12-15 (Home: 6-7)


MIN: R. Ortiz (3-1, 2.57)

TB: J. Shields (2-0, 3.75)


* The one pitcher that stands out tonite for me is Giant's Starting Pitcher Matt Cain, I can't wait to watch that game tonite as i think he is going to be scary good for the next 15 years.


*Cliff Lee makes his first start of the year off the DL for the hot Indians.


*Matsuzaka's on the mound for the sox.


*Pettitte's slated as the next yankee pitcher to have an injury and go on the DL.


My picks in bold




(removed emoticons -TC)

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