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who will be the core of the Brewers moving forward?


As I sit and watch this team, I often wonder who the core of the team will be over the next 3 to 7 years. I'm not sure what others expect, but I dont see Fielder being on the Brewers even through his final year of arbitration. My expectation is that LaPorta will be manning first base in probably a year or two and Fielder will have been traded to an AL team for hopefully a lot of young talent.


I dont want to start a thread about how players are doing currently and which players the Crew should get rid of, but more who has the best chance of being a Brewer for years to come. I think that Braun, Hart and Gallardo will be main holdovers from this years team into the future. I would love to say that Hardy, Weeks, Fielder, Hart, Braun will be with the Brewers for years to come but that is not realistic. How many teams has A-rod played for? Randy Johnson? Derrek Lee?


The fact that the Brewers are still a small market team makes the realization even greater that they wont ever have a player who they drafted after their abitration years. What do you think?

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