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Team 2, Game 4 Recap: BF.net 5, SOBs III 16


BF.net Inning #1:

Luke walked

Dan flied out to left center

Nick doubled, Luke to 3rd

Josh homered, Nick and Luke scored

Tim flied out to left

Danny struck out

2 Hits, 3 Runs

BF.net Inning #2:

Kevin flied out to left

Radman-Matt singled

Kenny flied out to left center

Keegan walked, Radman-Matt to 2nd

Chris flied out to short stop

1 Hit, 0 Runs

BF.net Inning #3:

Chuck struck out

Luke singled

Dan singled, Luke to 2nd

Nick grounded into a fielders choice, Luke out at 3rd, Dan to 2nd base

Josh singled, Dan scored, Nick to 3rd, Josh to 2nd on throw

Tim struck out

3 Hits, 1 Run

BF.net Inning #4:

Danny struck out

Kevin singled

Radman-Matt flied out to left

Kenny singled, Kevin to 2nd

Keegen grounded out to 1st

2 Hits, 0 Runs

BF.net Inning #5

Chris singled

Chuck singled, Chris to 2nd

Luke walked, Chris to 3rd, Chuck to 2nd

Dan Sac Fly to left field, Chris scored

Nick flied out to left center

Josh grounded out to short

2 Hits, 1 Run

BF.net Inning #6:

Tim singled

Danny struck out

Kevin flied out to the pitcher

Radman-Matt flied out to left center

1 Hit, 0 Runs

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