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Maybe trading for a bag of balls isn't so far off


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I saw this guy on ESPN news being interviewed last week. He was goofy as heck and seemed to be able to laugh at the joke.


I don't really see how it's a slap in the face, since he was in the indy leagues and couldn't go play for his team, so they did him a service by giving him to a new team while simultaneously pulling off a clever publicity stunt. He gets to go to a new team and they get publicity - sounds like a win-win to me.

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The team has followed up with the Ripley Believe It or Not folks as mentioned in the article and will garner $10,000 for charitable purposes:


Golden Baseball League Transaction Page:


Calgary Vipers: Traded 10 Prairie Sticks double-dipped maple black bats labelled John Odom Trade Bat and numberd 1 through 10 to Ripley Entertainment for display purposes in exchange for a $10,000 cash donation to the Vipers Children's Charity, Snakes and Batters.

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