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Team #2 Game #5 Recap Brewerfan.net 10 (1-4) Midwest 9 (3-2)

What a game. Brewerfan.net gets off the bubble in dramatic 7th inning fashion. Chuck with a 1-out rbi groundout to score Brent to tie the game, then Keegan with a rbi texas league single over the head of a diving second baseman to score Steve, the go-ahead run. Radman Matt worked around a two-out walk to seal the deal. Nice win guys.
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BF.net Inning #1:
Radman-Matt grounded out to short
Nick singled
Luke homered to right field, Nick scored
Josh walked
Kevin grounded into a fielders choice, Josh out at 2nd
Tim flied out to left.
2 Hits, 2 Runs
BF.net Inning #2:
Chris grounded out to short
Brent singled
Steve doubled, Brent to 3rd
Danny singled, Brent scored, Steve thrown out at 3rd, Danny advanced to 2nd
Chuck grounded out to the pitcher
3 Hits, 1 Run
BF.net Inning #3:
Keegan struck out swinging
Radman-Matt singled, thrown out at 2nd trying to advance
Nick singled, advanced to 2nd on a throwing error
Luke struck out looking
2 Hits, 0 Runs
BF.net Inning #4:
Josh singled
Kevin walked, Josh to 2nd
Tim flied out to center
Chris grounded into a fielders choice, Kevin out at 2nd, Josh to 3rd
Brent tripled, Chris and Josh scored
Steve grounded out to 3rd
2 Hits, 2 Runs
BF.net Inning #5:
Danny flied out to short
Chuck flied out to 3rd
Keegan singled
Radman-Matt walked, Keegan to 2nd
Nick grounded into a fielders choice, Radman out at 2nd
1 Hit, 0 Runs
BF.net Inning #6:
Luke fouled out
Josh flied out to center
Kevin flied out to left
0 Hits, 0 Runs
BF.net Inning #7:
Tim singled
Chris walked, Tim to 2nd
Brent walked, Chris to 2nd, Tim to 3rd
Steve doubled, Tim and Chris scored, Brent to 3rd
Danny flied out to 3rd base
Chuck grounded out to short, Brent scored, Steve to 3rd
Keegan singled, Steve scored
Radman-Matt singled, Keegan to 2nd
Nick flied out to left
4 Hits, 4 Runs

Final Score BF.net 9, Midwest 8.

Besides the 7 run inning Midwest had, they really didn't hit the ball all that well. A lot of fly outs and a few walks. A nice hurry up in the field during the bottom of the 6th when we had little time left. Bottom of the lineup coming up big when it was needed. Good game overall. Go for 2 in a row next week.

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